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Octoshape Application Client for Windows, OS X and Linux

George Antoniou
posted this on May 29, 2012 13:03


Installing and removing the Octoshape Client from the machine.



Octoshape application installed on a device in Windows, Linux or OSX operating systems.



  1. Installation
    1. Click here for the Octoshape Windows application
    2. Click here for the Octoshape OS X application
      1. Typical install issues with OSX are firewalls or other security programs running in "highly" restrictive modes.  If you need help in diagnosing this please notify Octoshape Support (submit a ticket or email) with a list of your running processes.  You can get this from Activity Monitor in Applications/Utilities and selecting File-Save.  Also, please include your OSX configuration - OSX version 10.X and browser used for the installation.
    3. Click here for the Octoshape Linux application
      1. Download the .bin file and make it executable by typing chmod +x octosetup-linux_i386.bin in a terminal. Type ./octosetup-linux_i386.bin and follow the installation instructions.

        Start the Octoshape client, for example by navigating to the Octoshape folder (i.e. cd into the directory and type: ./OctoshapeClient

        You can now playback an Octoshape stream from a web page or any player, as long as you leave the OctoshapeClient running in the terminal.

        If you are running Linux on a 64-bit distribution the ia32-libs package is required.  Please check with your distro package for the appropriate ia32-libs.  We have a detail Guide for Running Octoshape Client on 64-bit Systems.

  2. Uninstallation
    1. Windows
      1. Octoshape can be uninstalled from "Add/remove programs" (Windows XP) or "Programs and feature" (Windows Vista and later) in the "Control Panel"
    2. Mac OS X, there are 3 options:
      1. An uninstaller can be found by going to Finder, click on the 'Go' menu, and choose 'Go to Folder'; type in ~/Library/Octoshape and press return. 
      2. You can also download the uninstaller for Intel or PowerPC based Mac computers
      3. Manually remove the files:
        1. Open a Terminal window by going to Finder, Applications, Utilities, and opening Terminal
        2. Run the following commands in Terminal:
          rm -rf ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/OctoshapeWeb.plugin
          rm -rf ~/Library/Octoshape
    3. Linux
      1. Simply delete the octoshape folder where you installed Octoshape



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